Based upon the proven SEAHAWK mounting, the SIGMA upgrade offers a unique enhancement to our family of 30mm weapon systems.

SEAHAWK SIGMA integrates the Thales Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM) onto the mount, providing capability to defeat air and surface targets up to approximately 6km. SEAHAWK SIGMA gives the user an enhanced ability to defeat incoming swarm attack and difficult target sets, at range, with precision and limited collateral damage. We are able to offer a range of integration options which includes full fire control and C2 options to reflect differing operational requirements.

The LMM is the latest lightweight missile from the world renowned Thales Belfast facility, offering a mix of high precision guidance, multi-role engagement capability and low cost of ownership. The unique laser beam riding guidance delivers pinpoint accuracy, with the ability to engage low IR signature targets with no laser safety hazard at sea.

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  • Single deck mounting conserving space
  • High performance laser beam riding missile:
    • Immune to counter-measures
    • Able to defeat surface and air threats
  • Provides layered defense for larger vessels and real strike capability for patrol ships
  • Low cost of system ownership

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