The MSI-Defence Systems developed MSI-DS SEAHAWK Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS) has been specifically engineered for gun system control direction in the extremes of the naval operational environment.

MSI-DS SEAHAWK EOFCS available as a separate gun control package, is a core component of the MSI-DS SEAHAWK A1 & A2 gun system configurations. Developed from decades of experience in gun fire control.  The sensor suites and directors offered are configured and optimised to meet specific customer requirements, in particular the required range and image clarity for surveillance with controlled boresights and fields of view suited to target acquisition, precision tracking and engagement.

MSI-DS SEAHAWK EOFCS is capable of controlling systems equipped with fixed coaxial or independently directable sensor packages.  Options include autonomous independent control of gun systems or full integration with ships Combat Management Systems (CMS) enabling capabilities such as CMS gun system control, target designation and identification, as well as system status feedback and additional command authority controls.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of designing for exposed superstructure locations on-board the ship has been incorporated. Ensuring that all supplied equipment whether bespoke or from select specialist suppliers can endure everything from low temperature green water wash, to high temperature, high humidity environments.

The MSI-DS SEAHAWK EOFCS can be integrated into existing common consoles particularly where deep CMS integration is required. For standalone applications the Remote Operator Console and HD display monitor presents a clear image for the Commander to assess the target’s intent early or be able to maintain effective surveillance at long range.

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  • Choice of long range Day/Night All Weather sensors
  • Versatile superstructure or mast mounting positions
  • Suitable for new build and retrofit programmes
  • Complete integrated package including the Remote Operator Console
  • Interfaces with the ship’s Combat Management System or Integrated Bridge
  • Auto tracking mode for long endurance surveillance of targets

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