VSHORAD is a self-contained solution developed for augmented mobility and deployability in close range air defense.

Modular, remote-controlled, and deployable – to defend against close and very-close range land, air, and maritime threats (proven C-UAS and C-FIAC capability).

The system can be vehicle-mounted (military and civilian) or ground positioned on NATO-standard Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS), with offset remote control for operator survivability (hard-wire or Line of Sight).

The integration of our field-proven effectors, sensing and detection capabilities, including the MSI-DS TERRAHAWK LW Series gun mount and the MSI-DS EOSS, provides the assurance of class-leading accuracy, lethality, and survivability.

The system can be deployed as a singleton or part of a network under a Combat Management System. This positions MSI-DS VSHORAD as a critical close range defense solution and provide layered lethality in protecting high value targets and critical infrastructure, including coastal assets.

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  • Direct Fire Effectors up to 30mm
  • Wide Range of Ammunition (i.e. Programmable, Proximity, Swimmer)
  • Remote Controlled (hard-wire or Line of Sight)
  • Options for missile/laser-guided rocket pods
  • Field-proven Electro Optic Sensor Suites (on or off-mount)
  • Semi-autonomous cue and slew
  • Options for enhanced AI target recognition

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